Our Services and Prices

  1. We can cater small or large river parties
    We can cater small or large river parties too within 100 mile with 2-3 week notice and just give us details and we will bbq what you want.
  2. We can cater businesses
    We can cater to factories and business if permitted for lunch and parties inside and outside within in 100 miles given a 2-3 week notice except when we serve dinner for employees at dinner time with company permission..
  3. we cater weddings
    we will cater weddings within 100 miles with a 2-3 week notice of any bbq and sides you wish and number of people attending and any extras we shall supply.
  4. We can cater birthday parties
    we can cater birthday parties adult or children within 100 miles wit 2-3 week notice and tell us any side item you wish and any details that you want special.
  5. we cater family gatherings
    we shall cater to family gatherings of any size within 100 miles giving a 2-3 week notice. we shall bbq pork and beef and if you like we can do whole hog also. any sides items can be furnished as you wish.
  6. We can cater church gatherings
    We can cater church gatherings within 100 miles with 2-3 week notice and give us details on food and side items that you want. we can cater inside and outside just give us details.
  7. we can cater small and large outdoor activities party
    we can cater small or large party gatherings and out door parties within 100 miles with bbq pork, beef, chicken and any side items you please given a 2-3 week notice.
  8. competition bbq contest
    We will be attending KCBS competitions and ill be posting pics and people we meet on the road. So look for our schedule and if you planning a gathering maybe we can do contest and cater to your gathering